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Weekend of beginning 31st april. !!

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Weekend of beginning 31st april. !!

Post  keith.ritchie on Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:40 am

Weekend starts here.

River Swim followed by run for those that can !! Thursday 31st 5.45 rowing club
River Swim 5.45 Friday 1st evening. rowing club.
River Swim saturday 2nd 7 am at buckden marina, followed by 8.30 uaual group ride rowing club.
Beer session saturday 2nd night. 7.30- 8.00 in Weeping g--ash St Neots!! What a Face
Sunday 4pm , Once hangover has gone, Brick session, bike and run from my house, 106 longsands road. (bikes will be looked after).
consist of 2.5 mile bike and 1 mile run x 4. you'll love it Mad , tea and biscuits at mine after !!

By the way none of this is april fools stuff, it all straight up !! cheers




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