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Cowman Middle Distance Championships 3rd July 2011

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Cowman Middle Distance Championships 3rd July 2011

Post  Jez on Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:59 am

Reporting back from the Cowman middle distance championships on sunday where 750 like minded idiots took on the challenge that is a half ironman triathlon, Turner senior (me) took on Turner junior (my brother) - game on!

Great day out, fantastic if not hot weather and well organised event at Emberton Country park near Olney (milton keynes)

Swim went ok, although the start was a mass of 350 people in two seperate waves crammed into a 50 metre lake bank area which lead to a delay after the gun went off of a couple of minutes whilst everyone thrashed it out to find a decent bit of free water, 42 minutes later i staggered out of the water to find i was 5mins behind my little bro - made a couple of mins up in t1, bike course was nice and undulating, but was marred by several nasty crashes between riders and some cars and other cyclists requiring ambulances etc, i stopped for a couple of mins to make sure the unconscious guy splayed out on the road was still breathing and that the other guy covered in blood due to his glasses being smashed into his face was ok, then alerted the nearby marshals to the problem, then sped off and thrashed it on the bike to come in just a few mins behind my bro, another quick transition ensured i was hot on his heels with still just a 3min deficit - then disaster struck.... 1 mile into the run my hamstrings cramped up leaving me waddling/running/walking/stretching/cursing/groaning and finally getting through the 13miles but giving up a 3min chase to a 10min loss - Turner junior crosses the line ahead of Turner senior (bugger!)

Swim: 1900m - 42mins
Bike 56miles - 3Hr 3mins
Run - 2hrs 4mins
TOTAL - 5hrs 52mins

All in all a good day, despite an appalling run i beat my previous time by 17mins so was happy with that but must now endure a constant boasting from my little bro as it was his first tri.

There is always the vitruvian in Sept to get my own back!

come on you olympic distancers - come and do a middle distance one!

The end! Very Happy


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Who's the big brother now then!!!

Post  stevehughes23 on Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:05 pm

Well done Jez, give me a chance to get a few Olympic distances under my belt and I'll be hot on your heels. Good luck with the Vitruvian Man too mate.


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