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Walden Tri 2011

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Walden Tri 2011

Post  stevehughes23 on Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:22 am

Keith asked me to post how my wife Claire got on with her first Sprint Tri a week ago. She was bricking it beforehand, but she's the type of person who is good at anything in a short amount of time (annoyingly!) so I was confident.

Swim: Claire set off with the first wave of the morning having only learned to do front crawl for more than 2 lengths recently. She was overtaken but never stopped swimming (750m - about 30mins).
Cycle: T1 was hilarious to watch and she eventually got on the bike and was off. She nicked my bike (adjusted to her height of course) and took on hills for the first time. 25k later she was a bit wobbly, but managed to rack the bike.
Run: It had started getting hot by now so Claire took it in her stride and jogged/walked/jogged/walked the 5k course.

She wanted to get under 2hrs30mins, but ideally wanted 2hrs15mins. She strode in at 2hrs11mins and was chuffed. After vowing to do only 1 tri in her life, she is already looking to book Walden next year and I've nearly convinced her to swim in the river. Keith - watch out for her application to NiceTri around Christmas time.



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