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Beaver Sprint Tri Sunday 29 May

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Beaver Sprint Tri Sunday 29 May

Post  keith.ritchie on Mon May 30, 2011 5:16 am

8 Members of Nicetri squad were also in action this weekend at the British age group champoinship qualifiers, in the grounds of Belvoire Castle.
Given a tough "hilly" bike course, backed up by gale forces winds it proved a challenge for all, then to add insult its
a 1.5 mile run up hill and back to finish you off.

CHRIS RITCHIE 01:16:37 Beat the old man ! cheers cheers cheers cheers
KEITH RITCHIE 01:17:23 "you should, your half my age" Sad Sad
MARCUS WALE 01:20:23
PAUL RIDLEY 01:27:04
BEN HALL 01:32:05
ANNE WOODS 01:34:11


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