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Hello and Welcome to the niceTRi Club Forum

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Hello and Welcome to the niceTRi Club Forum

Post  Jez on Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:46 pm

Thought i would get the ball rolling, bike riding, shoes pounding, arms flailing etc.....

My name is Jeremy Turner or Jez which ever is easiest to shout at me, i live in St.Neots and am around 34 years old, been doing Tri for a few years now and enjoy the longer stuff, keen to meet up with other like minded Triathlon loonies for Tri based activities including pints! I work shift work which means i do odd days here and there so am free during the week some times and occasionally weekends.
Without this sounding like a lonely hearts advert! - i am looking for someone to go for bike rides with, swim and occasional runs! Just back in the saddle after a back injury so please be gentle with me during swimming and cycling training!!


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Post  keith.ritchie on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:36 pm

Hello my name is Keith Ritchie founder member of Nicetri who wishes you a big fat and freindly welcome to Nicetri Club, If you want to talk, ask or join, this is the place to do that !!

Nicetri was formed in October 2010, by a keen and active triathlete, Oh thats me !! as an ex and now slow runner I wanted to "tri" somethig new. Hence the tri club. There was nothing in St Neots for triathletes, or so I thought, but since setting up, we have 20 other St Neots triathletes come out of the wood work. Result, more idiots !! lol!
Please Keep an eye out here for news, training, results or just general stuff.

Our aim is to be a active and friendly club with the occasional tri thrown in for good measure.

come on, you now you want to !!!!



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